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Wide Model# WXW51A

Low-Wide Model# WXX51A



The Xpresso Wide series includes Evolution Technologies’ most durable and heavy-duty walkers—a vital piece of home medical equipment! The models have a center-folding design with a cable-free braking system and a revolutionary folding basket; you don't need to take the basket out to fold it!

Made with aerospace-grade aluminum and high-strength steel, Xpresso Wide walkers were designed to be the strongest and most stable of all the center-folding walkers on the market today, like all other Evolution walkers. It has 16 patents in North America.


These Xpresso walkers are available in two sizes: Wide and Low-Wide. The Xpresso Low-Wide has many of the same features as the Wide walker, including weight capacity. However, the Wide model’s handle height and seat height differ. View the Specifications below for more information.




  • 450lb weight capacity 
  • ‘X’ style center-folding mechanism
  • Collapsible basket: foldable with the rest of the walker 
  • Cable-free brakes with easy to adjust handle height
  • CNC aluminum front and rear forks
  • Long-wearing wide polyurethane tires 
  • Built-in padded, waterproof foam cushion
  • Comfortable form-fitting rubber hand grips





 WeightSeat WidthSeat HeightHandle HeightWidth X LengthWeight Capacity
Wide31 lbs20"22"32.5" - 37.5"24.8" x 25.5"450 lbs
Low-Wide30 lbs20"19"30.5" - 35.5"24.8" x 25.5"450 lbs


Essential Home Medical Equipment


Walkers are a useful tool for Canadians, whether they’re recovering from an accident or their body isn’t as nimble as it used to be. Xpresso Wide walkers provide more independence compared to power chairs since the user can still get the exercise they need. 


Additionally, a walker provides much more support than a cane. Canadians can choose an Xpresso Wide or Xpresso Low-Wide walker to suit their height.


Incredible Weight Capacity


Whether you’re walking around the house or going to the store, an Xpresso Wide walker provides the safety that individuals need when walking. Its heavy-duty materials ensure that it supports the user and any items they temporarily store in the folding basket or the optional holders. 

When the user needs to rest, the Xpresso Wide walker offers solid support. The patented backstrap allows the user to sit comfortably as they catch their breath or enjoy the scenery. The weight capacity of the Xpresso Wide series is its most remarkable feature that gives users peace of mind every time they use it. And the cable-free brakes allow for smooth walking since the wheels can function without the issue of a potential entanglement.

Like anyone else, Canadians have their pride. The heavy-duty Xpresso Wide series walkers make for a trusty companion that is there whenever Canadians need a little extra help while enabling users to continue their active lifestyle. When it’s not needed, the centre-folding feature allows for simple and easy storage. 


The Benefits of Using a Walker


A walker is like any other tool we use to exercise. It makes our lives easier and improves our health and wellness.


Get the Heart Going


A minimum of 30 minutes a day improves circulation and reduces heart disease. Users can enjoy safer and longer walks with an Xpresso walker since it reduces the weight and stress they put on their own body. Something as simple as an afternoon stroll through the park can be pleasant again.


Build Stronger Bones


Walking is a low-impact exercise, making it ideal for people to slowly regain their balance and strength. Using an Xpresso walker motivates users to keep exercising, which helps to reduce chances of osteoporosis. 


Strengthen Joints and Muscles


Using a walker during your daily stroll not only strengthens leg muscles, but also arm muscles and abdominals. The walker can also help to shift weight away from recovering areas and improve their range of motion. The more oxygen and nutrients the body takes in, the better the joints can move. 

Get back to living with the help of an Xpresso Wide walker!

Evolution Technologies: Xpresso Wide Walker Series


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