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With its patent pending design, the new Wrist Lacer II provides equal tension across all four laces offering supreme comfort, immobilization and ease of application.


Lacer II Closure System
Unique lace closure design provides equal tension across all four laces to easily generate uniform compression for unparalleled support. The tension is easily adjusted for patients with unusual forearm and wrist circumferences.

Adjustability & Immobilization
Blue palmar pad offers enhanced support by matching the contour of the palm. The dorsal and palmar aluminum stays are removable to allow bending by medical professionals to create a custom fit.

Optimum Comfort
Pad inside stockinette protects tendons
by cushioning distal lace at base of thumb.
The polypropylene felt liner and perforated
suede allow moisture to evaporate away
from the skin thereby enhancing patient
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Wrist sprains or strains
  • Post cast removal
  • Post operative care


Wrist Lacer II 8" Suede Black


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